Monday, 21 January 2013

Jewish Anti-Semitic Fascist thugs go on violent rampage in Britain

Six members of the far-right fascist group, the English Defence League (EDL) have been jailed after going on a violent rampage following a previous protest by the group in Yorkshire.

The six EDL thugs from Bradford in west Yorkshire were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty at earlier hearings.

This comes after the EDL previously staged a demonstration in Cleckheaton in west Yorkshire on March 17 2012. After the protest, members of the fascist gang were said to have been involved in a series of incidents including racist abuse and a violent attack on an Asian man.

Judge Scott Wolstenholme said the offences involved "sustained and unprovoked racial violence by a group acting together in a crowded town centre."

The leader of the EDL, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who also goes by the name of Tommy Robinson, was jailed this month for travelling to the US using a fake passport of someone else.

Despite the arrests, a written report on the website suggests that analysts are concerned that the change in the far-right support in Britain could lead to a gradual shift from race-based far-right activism towards “cultural nationalism”, notably against Islam.


Anonymous said...

This group is not actually right wing, they are run from isreal and they have always been against the right wing, so they re in reality, left wing.

w said...

"This group is not actually right wing"

Thanks for the clarification