Thursday, 24 January 2013

"AshkeNazi Jews are not Khazars" Says a real Khazar

As a real Khazar from Chapaev, Kazakhstan I have heard of these lies that the Zionist Jews who occupy Palestine are converted Khazars and as a real Khazar I'm offended to hear this nonsense. The Jews look nothing like us, they don't share one bit of Turkic Mongol culture or language. DNA has also proven that they are not even related to us, they are the same descendants of the cursed Bani Israel that is mentioned in the Holy Q'uran. This Khazar convert Jewish theory is Haraam and is not accepted in Islam. Anyways besides the Historic and DNA proof, the Q'uran itself has said prophecies of the atrocities the descendants of Bani Israel (Jews) did and still are going to do in the Holy Land of Palestine including in following the dajjal (fake Messiah) as their Messiah and ever since the time of Musa (pnuh) Allah cursed the Jews for their
disobedience and one of them was that they were going to be dispersed all over the world from the land Allah was going to give to them and that they were going to come back to Palestine to do more atrocities
which today includes the Palestinians being murdered by them. A true Turkic Khazar also doesn't have a huge nose like the Jews do, it is obvious that Middle Eastern people have big noses. Here we have Sheikh
Ahmed Deedat talking of the evilness of the Israelite Jews that they did before and are repeating today, they never learned their lesson from being slaves in Egypt, they enslaved Canaanites (Palestinians Ancestors), from the Holocaust, they are killing Palestinians still today. Other verses of curses given to the Bani Israel and their descendants are:

5:20 And when Moses said to his nation: "You my nation mention/remember God's blessing/goodness on you when He put/created between you prophets, and He made you kings, and he gave you what he did not give anyone from the creations altogether/(universes).
5:22 They said: "You Moses, that in it (is) a nation (of) tyrants/rebels , and that we will never/not enter it until they get out from it, so if they get out from it, so we are entering."
5:24 They said: "You Moses, we are never entering it, never, as long as they continued/lasted in it, so go you, and your Lord, so you both fight/kill, we are here, here sitting/remaining."
5:26 (God) said: "So that it truly is forbidden/prohibited on them forty years, they stray/wander in the earth/Planet Earth, so do not grieve on the nation the debauchers ."

From the verse above, it seems like the God have wrote that "Holy Earth" to be assigned to the Bani Israel
Because they have disobeyed God's orders, they are prohibited and wonder on the earth for forty years
Is the "Holy Earth" still theirs after fourty years?

17:3 Descendants (of) whom We carried/loaded with Noah, that he truly was a thankful/grateful worshipper/slave.
17:4 And We informed/carried out/completed to Israel's sons and daughters in The Book ,(that) you will corrupt/disorder (E) in the earth/Planet Earth twice, and you will become high and mighty (E) great height, might and dignity.
17:5 So if their (B)'s first/beginning (of the two times) came, We sent on (to) you worshippers/slaves for Us of strong (severe) power/mighty, so they went through/corrupting/destroying in between and around the homes/houses , and (it) was a made/done promise.
17:6  Then We returned to you the repeat/second time/repetition over them, and We extended/spread you with properties/possessions/wealths, and sons/sons and daughters, and We made you more (a larger) supportive tribe/family/group.
17:7 If you did good, you did good for yourselves, and if you did bad/evil/harm so for it (your selves), so if
the last's/end's/other's promise came, they will cause God evil/harm
(to) your faces/fronts, they will enter the  Mosque like they entered it  (on) the first/beginning time , and they will destroy/ruin/break (E) what they (the worshippers/slaves) rose over (with) destruction/ruin/breakage.
17:8 Maybe/perhaps that (E) your Lord has mercy upon you, and if you returned, We returned, and We made/put Hell confining/surrounding for the disbelievers.

Bani Israel is the is carried together is Noah's arc Bani Israel will cause corrupt on Earth twice: It is understood that this "prophecy" have passed as they are defeated by Babylonians and the
Romans Mosque mentioned in 17:7 perhaps refers to their the temple that their are trying to build in Jeruselem?
17:104 And We said from after him to Israel's sons and daughters: "Reside/inhabit the land/Planet Earth , so if the ends' (other life's) promise came, We came with you (in) mixed crowds/huge gatherings .
This seems like another prophecy, that when the end(Akhirat) promise came, Bani Israel's will be came with huge gathering. This is what is happening now to Gaza. These prophecies are coming true, proving Islam
is the right religion as well as the Q'uran and that Ashkenazi Jews and all Jews today are descendants of the cursed Bani Israel.

Ahmed Deedat Destroys the Fallacy of the Promise

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