Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another Chabad Rabbi Busted For Child Sex Abuse

100 000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted 
Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, 30, a former counselor at Chabad’s Camp Menachem in Lackawaxen County, Pennsylvania and the current director of Chabad of East Brunswick, New Jersey – was reportedly arrested by New Jersey State Police Friday and is incarcerated in the Middlesex County Prison awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania on charges related to an alleged child sexual assault just over a decade ago.

During the summer 2012, a now-teenage boy told police that he was sexually assaulted Goodman while he was a camper at Camp Menachem and Goodman was counselor there in 2001,
the Times-Tribune reported.

According to a brief biography on the Chabad of Central Jersey website, Goodman was born in Highland Park New Jersey. He studied in Chabad yeshivas Brooklyn, Toronto, and Morristown, New Jersey, completing his rabbinic studies and at Chabad’s Sydney, Australia, yeshiva.

The biography says that Goodman and his wife Ora Malka are "currently on Shlichus [i.e. serving as official Chabad representatives] in Central Jersey and are the directors of Chabad of East Brunswick which is host to Chai Central Hebrew school with over 40 children, as well as the Kabbalah of Life organization, Shabbat Minyanim, Bar Mitzvah Lessons online, Holiday celebrations and much more.”

Although some of the rabbis listed on the Chabad of Central Jersey website come from prominent Chabad families, none – including Goodman – are listed on Chabad's international website.
Camp Menachem is affiliated with the so-called messianist wing of Chabad.


Anonymous said...

I know him personally and he is innocent. Please wait for all the facts before we judge...

w said...

"I know him personally..."

We're not judging, just reporting

Anonymous said...

The temples were destroyed because of Sinat Chinam, hatred of Jews for one another.

We live in a world of sinat chinum in Judaism. The temples were destroyed because Jews hated each other. I fear another Holocaust is around the corner if we Jews do not unite. Anti-Semitism is rampant in Europe and many countries are becoming Judenrein. Israel faces terrible enemies . Extremist Muslims are the new Nazis AND THEY DO NOT HIDE THEIR DESIRE TO DESTROY ISRAEL AND JEWS WORLDWIDE. Why are we Jews so eager to wash our dirty laundry in public for the entire world to see.

Regarding Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, it does not matter whether he is Chabad or not as long as that is what he considers himself. Regarding whether he believes The Rebbe was the Mashiach, that is his opinion and his right to believe. This does not pertain to his innocence or guilt. There have been enough stories regarding the alleged incident. The same is true regarding the incidents at Yeshiva University. Let the courts decide guilt or innocence. Must we give anti-Semites more ammunition to hate us and want to destroy us. I know there will be those who may disagree with me and attack me using an alias. By now my readers know I say what I believe. I have been attacked in the press by an individual in this community stating I have no following. I speak out because it is the right thing to do.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven otherwise.