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AIPAC Zionist Agendas & Obama’s Real Birth Certificate

The original plan to get to war with Iran involved a scheme devised by President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that involved coercing Congress to back a military strike against Islamic nations for the Zionist regime.

However, in September of last year, Obama refused to speak to Netanyahu about future plans of war in the Middle East in what was called a “snub” by the mainstream media. The move put a damper on the plans previously agreed upon and also resulted in a turning away by Obama from Netanyahu toward other goals – such as focusing on re-election as US president to continue his implementation of Communist ideology while replacing the rights imbued to American citizens by the US Constitution.

Now a question that has been weighing on the minds of Americans had come to the forefront of discussion; whether or not Obama has a legitimate right to be US President based on his natural-born status. Is Obama a Kenyan? Or is he the son of Frank Marshall Davis?

Orly Taitz has been a premier voice for the birther movement to unseat Barack Hussein Obama from the US Presidency since 2008, when he was first selected to office.

According to a press release on Taitz’s website, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has placed her case against Obama’s eligibility for presidency on the docket for review in February with a conference of the US Supreme Court justices.

The statement reads that Obama has used a forged ID, used a last name that does not belong to him, is passing off a forged Selective Service application, that Obama’s long and short form birth certificates are forgeries and the Social Security number is currently uses (042-68-4425) was not assigned to him per documented evidence by E-Verify and the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS).
Taitz says that “this case provides evidence of around one and a half million invalid voter registrations in the state of California alone.”

 In 2012, Taitz came out against “Dreams of my Real Father”, a documentary film by Joel Gilbert because the content contradicted her stance on the birther issue. When Jerome Corsi, avid birther, endorsed the film, Taitz said that Corsi’s support of the film was “trying to kill the case by making up an American citizen father for Obama.”

Gilbert’s film contends that Obama is the illegitimate son of Frank Marshall Davis, an American labor activist and organizer for the Communist Party USA. Gilbert stated that Davis had direct ties to Communist party members in Russia and Obama was following in his real father’s footsteps by studying the Communist ideology, aligning with Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground and becoming the first Socialist/Communist to take the seat of US President.

Taitz vehemently opposes this theory because it would invalidate her movement to prove Obama is of foreign birth. Since Davis was a US citizen, Obama’s birth certificate would not be as big of an issue, but rather a distractionary tool to keep the conspiracy theorists redirected from the fact that the Obama administration marks a successful plot to put a Communist in the White House.

Taitz claimed on her website that according to rumors the body of Osama Bin Ladin was wheeled out as a diversionary tactic against her case that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

In December of last year, Taitz teamed up with two presidential candidates and Keith Judd, inmate in federal prison, to sue Vice President Joe Biden and the US Congress. This effort sought to stop the Electoral College from controlling the election process.

In 2009, Taizt appeared before Roberts. She asked if he knew that there is “some illegal activity that is going on in the Supreme Court of the United States?” Taitz produced a petition that requested a formal investigation of “Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, [that] is totally ineligible to be president.”
Taitz is a native of Kishinev, Moldova, but moved to Israel in 1981 with her uncle. She became a dentist after obtaining a degree from Hebrew University. In 1987, Taizt came to America and became an attorney after receiving her law degree from an online correspondence course from William Taft University.
Over time, Taitz became involved with the American Israel Public Action Committee (AIPAC) as a delegate and even attended their convention in Washington, DC in 2006. She stands in support of Israel, agrees with the Israeli occupation of Palestine and is against Hamas and Hezbollah.

On Capitol Hill, the biggest lobby firm AIPAC is a domestic lobby that ensures that America protect “Israel’s security and protecting American interests in the Middle East and around the world” as well as making sure that “America and Israel remain strong and that they collaborate closely together”.
Through AIPAC, the US government supplies Israel with:
• Defense intelligence and military security
• Counterterrorism
• Technologies that facilitate defense and military equipment
• Science and agricultural products

AIPAC also works with synagogues and churches all across the US “to promote pro-Israel advocacy throughout their congregations.” Pastor John Hagee is a prominent supporter of Israel and founder of Christians United For Israel (CUFI). Hagee’s goal is the “realizing the political potential of tens of millions of evangelical Americans who support Israel.” By using the fear-mongering of evangelical Christianity, Hagee is calling for the continued holocaust against the Palestinian people.

Taitz believes that Obama “may have ties to radical Islam” and is receiving financial support from the Saudi Arabian government and Palestine. She says that she “came from a totalitarian regime, so those kinds of things I’m sensitive to. I think I can see it more because I grew up with it. People who grew up here don’t see it so much.”

In July of 2012, Michele Bachmann wrote a letter to the Inspector General of the US State Department, in which she stated that Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin and her family members (specifically her deceased father, mother and brother) are not only tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, but involved directly with the faction.

Bachmann maintained that the Obama administration had been compromised by members of the Muslim Brotherhood which posed a national security threat.

Abedin, who is of Pakistani decent, is married to House Representative Anthony Weiner who is Jewish. Weiner is a self-proclaimed Zionist, as he proudly stated: “Support for Israel was always a very big focus in my household growing up. I am a Zionist.”

Taitz supported former President George W. Bush in his campaign for president by donating $300. She also gave $500 to the Friends of Joe Lieberman re-election campaign in 2006. Lieberman is a member of CUFI and a self-proclaimed Zionist in favor of supporting Israel’s stance against the Palestinian people. Lieberman is also a member of AIPAC, speaking regularly in support of their control over Congress and reminding our elected officials that the US government must remain a friend to Israel.

Wade Madsen states that Netanyahu has been holding the birther issue over Obama’s head as blackmail to put pressure on him to comply with plans to attack Iran and other Middle Eastern nations. To ensure that these plans go as expected, AIPAC became very influential on Capitol Hill in 2012 with the passage of multiple legislations that bind the US to Israeli Zionist interests.

It is a fact that Taitz is connected to AIPAC. It is curious that out of all the birthers, Taitz would be the one to bring this issue to the US Supreme Court with any hope of success. This inquiry may force Obama to release the actual birth certificate, and put to rest at least one side of the issue. It has the potential to prove that either he is not a natural-born citizen, or it will show that he is eligible for the US presidency.

Either way, the strings pulled behind the scenes are one version of Communist ideology over another – whether it is Zionist Communism or Trotskyite Communism. The supporters of the birther movement may have been manipulated into following an agenda that has little to do with illegitimating Obama’s administration and more to do with forcing the leader of a nation to go along with the goals of another.


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