Thursday, 27 December 2012

Zionist West fears Iranian media

In the 1960s, overweight tourists in polyester shorts and Hawaiian shirts would go on bus tours of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury hippie district.

The tourists would stick their heads out of the windows of the Freak Tour busses, gawking, pointing, and laughing at the “crazy hippie freaks” on the sidewalks. The hippies soon began to retaliate by holding up mirrors, “You want a good look at a mindless, clueless freak? Look in the mirror.”

Today, Iran's media is holding up a mirror to the West. And the West does not like what it sees. But instead of admitting its own ugliness, and resolving to change, the terrified West wants to ban the mirror and kill the messenger.

Iran's international media, led by Press TV and al-Alam, are providing honest coverage of issues that the Western media, including Western-owned-and-influenced “Middle Eastern” outlets like al-Jazeera and al-Arabiyya, are afraid to touch. And it is this relatively honest, accurate, and balanced reporting that offers the West a polished mirror in which to gaze at its own hideous reflection.

When the Western pundits scream “Iran wants to build nuclear weapons!” Press TV holds up a mirror - and the West sees who is really armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons (Hint: It isn't Iran).

When the Western opinion-shapers howl “Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism!” Press TV holds up a mirror - and the real state sponsors of terrorism, including the 9/11 inside job, get a good look at themselves, and run away screaming.

When the Western propaganda machine wails “Iran's elections were fraudulent,” Press TV holds up a mirror to the widespread fraud that afflicts American elections as well as the foreign elections that America's imperial machine rigs and steals with depressing regularity.

When the Western media megaphone intones, “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth,” Iran's media holds up a mirror, revealing that is the West's settler colony in Occupied Palestine that is actually wiping Palestine off the face of the earth.

When the Western “mighty Wurlitzer” plays the tune about how Iran is led by fanatical war-mongering extremists, Press TV holds up a mirror - and the terrifying face of Benjamin Netanyahu causes everyone to run away screaming.

When the West complains about Iran censoring some of its dissident media outlets, Iran holds up a mirror showing just who has not only suppressed or marginalized nearly all genuinely dissident voices, but who even silences anything remotely resembling truthful political speech about most of the key issues of the day. (Hint: It isn't Iran.)

When the West complains about Iran persecuting or imprisoning religious or political dissidents, Press TV holds up a mirror - and the West sees the “torture gulag” through which over 100,000 of the world's leading Muslim activists have been processed in the wake of the 9/11 inside job, which was designed to trigger a global war on Islam.

When the West whines about Iran's “Islamic radicalism,” Press TV holds up a mirror, revealing just who it was who created and continues to employ al-Qaeda and related astroturf “jihadi-patsy” groups whose role is to smear the good name of Islam, and destabilize the Muslim world, through insane, intolerant, extremist behavior.

When the West accuses Iran of anti-Semitism, Press TV holds up a mirror, revealing that the true face of Zionism is vastly uglier than the most pernicious anti-Semitic stereotype ever dreamed up by the looniest Jew-hating Nazi.

The West, terrorized by its own image as revealed by the all-too-accurate Iranian media mirror, is running in circles, tearing its hair out and screaming, “Please, somebody, make it go away!”

Last year, the UK's Office of Communications, whose appropriately Orwellian moniker is “OfCom,” banned Press TV under a transparently ridiculous pretext.

Then this year, Eutelsat CEO Michel de Rosen, a notorious associate of right-wing Likudnik extremists, took Press TV off its platform, effectively denying the channel to hundreds of millions of Europeans.

Here in the US, none of the biggest cable and satellite TV providers dare to allow their viewers access to Press TV. This is hardly surprising. If Americans were informed that most of the world knows that 9/11 was an inside job, that Israel is a criminal regime, and that America is ruled by druglords and other criminals, they would certainly rise up in revolution. The truth is just too dangerous.

US and Canadian leaders have even discussed legally banning Press TV (which seems hardly necessary, since virtually all US media and communications are owned by Israelis and Israeli sympathizers, who would never dream of allowing Press TV to be shown to Americans).

Please call your TV provider and demand that it provide Press TV as part of its package. After all, isn't there room for at least one major international news network that isn't owned by Israelis?

If the Israelis are so convinced that their own perspective is correct, and all alternative perspectives are wrong, why are they afraid of allowing even ONE dissident voice to compete with them?

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