Sunday, 2 December 2012

US military officers learns Holocaust at Auschwitz

US military officers get indoctrinated by HoloHoax at Auschwitz

Since 2004, the Auschwitz Jewish Center in Oswiecim and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York have been sponsoring an annual two-week American Service Academies Program (ASAP) program to teach the future US military officers the Zionist narrative of the Nazi era Holocaust. This narrative (‘Six Million Died’) is the pillar of Zionist regime’s murderous policy against Palestinian people who never joined Nazi Army. Contrary to that 150,000 German Jews were part of the Nazi Army. Canadian Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah’ has claimed that Frankist Jews committed Holocaust.

The officers are selected from West Point, the US Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the honors program of the United States Coast Guard Academy. In June 2012, 14 officers visited Auschwitz as part of the ASAP program. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that “the officers cleared weeds and brushed in the Jewish cemetery in Oswiecim” as part of the program. Links and more

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