Tuesday, 11 December 2012

UN continues its silence over human rights abuses in Gaza

Israeli forces killed hundreds of Palestinians during its attack on Gaza in November -- including many women and children -- against a few numbers of Israelis lost. Hundreds of families were displaced as homes -- schools - hospitals -- media centers and places of worship were hit -- and one might think that an investigation of human rights abuses might be called for. Martin Nesirky -- the spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon -- said on Tuesday that the ceasefire must first continue to hold. Press TV asked if Ban thought the ceasefire might be threatened if an investigation into Israeli abuses was called for -- but Nesirky added nothing further. In the three weeks since the ceasefire was declared -- no discussion of the bombings has been scheduled for the Security Council. The December Security Council President recently read a plea to the Council from the Palestinian ambassador for action. Loulichki then dismissed the letter's call to "act with urgency" in the very same breath. Now Press TV on Monday asked an official from the High Commissioner for Human Rights whether an investigation would be forthcoming -- a simple yes / no question -- and he said he'd get back to us. Though he said via email that he'd passed along our inquiry -- by news time -- there was no response. Human Rights Watch has stepped forward where the UN hesitates -- flatly accusing Israel of war crimes in the wake of the Israeli bombing of a house that wiped out an entire family and parts of another. The excuse was given that one occupant was a Palestinian fighter. Despite the Non-Member Observer State status awarded Palestine by the UN General Assembly late last month -- many at the UN still feel that Israel will continue to enjoy exemption from international law violations at the UN. Judging from the lack of action at the UN on settlements or human rights abuses -- it's easy to see why.

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