Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tunisian MP Receives Mossad Threatening Letters for Suing Israelis

It was on 5th November when Tunisian MP Abderraouf Ayadi said that a group of lawyers were going to sue Israel and the ousted Tunisian regime for the assassination of former member of Palestinian Liberation Organization, Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazir known as Abu Jihad in Tunis 25 years ago.

A few weeks later, Ayadi received threatening letters. The unknown senders warned him about his plan to prevent the former ruling party's members from coming back to political life. Ayadi believes that the letters are a diversion and that his investigation into Israel’s assassination of Abu Jihad along with his accusations against Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad as well as its local agents is the real reason behind the threats.
The Tunisian media have pointed out that Abderraouf Ayadi could be targeted for digging into history and reviving an old assassination case which implicates Tunisian high ranking officers and Israelis. Despite the potential risk, Ayadi - who’s also a lawyer - is still determined to pursue the case against Mossad’s agents who admitted to the killing of former PLO member, Abu Jihad.

Politician Abdelwahab Al Hani has collected evidence incriminating Mossad agents and Israeli officials in the assassination of the top aid to PLO chairman back in 1988. Al Hani says the only reason behind threatening MP Abderraouf Ayadi is that they want to silence him for a crime which involved Israelis and Tunisians.
The 2011 revolution in Tunisia has transformed national security into an obsession for the government and people. Therefore, threats against the life of a member from the National Constituent Assembly are a source of confusion to the public and a security challenge to the authorities.

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