Sunday, 16 December 2012

REPORT: Satmar Rabbi To Arrive in Israel Shielded by US Senators to Avoid Arrest

Anti-Zionist Yeshivas Offered Cash Bonuses For BoycottingKnesset Elections reports: Hasidic anti-Zionist sect. Satmar has found a new unique way to influence the elections, by paying voters not to vote, according to press reports.
The ultra-Orthodox Jewish Satmar Hasidic sect, said it will give a cash bonus to any yeshiva that does not participate in the January 22 general elections in Israel, and refuses to accept government grants, a local Israeli newspaper reported.
The majority of yeshiva students vote under the direction of their rabbis, and usually will stay home if instructed to do so by the head of the institution where they study.

According to the report, Satmar, has contacted yeshivas in Israel with the offer.

Satmar leader, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, reportedly will hand out the money during a planned visit to Israel, within two months, shortly after the election.
The report said that the aim of the campaign was to promote the Satmar anti-Zionist ideology, which rejects any cooperation with official institutions of the Jewish state.
Satmar rebbe of Williamsburg has offered $25K to Yeshivas who will hold back their student from going to vote on election day. The Rebbe who is due to arrive in Israel on the week of the Jan. 22 Knesset election, reportedly offered $100 cash for each Bucher or Yingerman who would abstain.

The Hiddush organization “for religious freedom and equality” has filed a complaint with Attorney General Yehudah Weinstein and with the Elections Committee in wake of the report. “The Satmar chassidim can boycott elections, but they must not offer bribes to others,” the group said.
In response, Satmar community's spokesman told Ynet Sunday, that the Rebbe will arrive as expected, shielded by some US Senators, to foil any attempt of arrest or a order for investigation.
Nevertheless, the spokesman said that the Rebbe hasn't backed down from his offer, and is ready to receive a court order or face charges. "We are aware of the pressure, yet we are not deterred," Yitzchak Weiss said.

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