Thursday, 27 December 2012

Netanyahu: Livni Will Not be My Foreign Minister!

Ex-Mossad Prostitute and War Criminal Tzipi Livni denied job by 9/11 Prime Suspect
Prime Monster Netanyahu laid to rest the rumors circling around about indirect contact with the Tzipi Livni, over joining the government after the elections as Foreign Minister or as a special appointment to lead peace talks with the Palestinians.  
Not only will Tzipi Livni not get the foreign affairs portfolio in the next Likud-led government, she won’t be allowed anywhere near the diplomatic realm or be involved in talks with the Palestinians, Prime Monster Benjamin Netanyahu told Likud ministers on Wednesday, according to Haaretz.

"Livni, conducted diplomatic negotiations that were terrible and flawed, and totally unacceptable to me,” Netanyahu reportedly said. “There’s no chance that I’d let her anywhere near that area, on the assumption that she would be a member of a government led by me."
“With regard to any future negotiations, I think totally differently from her, and my position regarding managing the negotiations bears no resemblance to her position. All these reports are baseless,” he said.

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