Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mossad defends Vatican in Silva’s latest thriller

 Pope's exorcist says the Devil is in the Vatican

There is no such thing as minding your own business for Daniel Silva’s character, Gabriel Allon. In Silva’s latest work of fiction, “The Fallen Angel: A Novel,” Allon is called away from his work as an art restorer to help solve a questionable suicide of a person within the Vatican.

Upon investigating, he discovers that the deceased woman, who was an art critic for the Vatican, did not take her own life but was instead murdered.

Allon discovers a deep and wide conspiracy involving some prominent Italian business people who live outside of Vatican City. One of those involved in the conspiracy, Carlo Marchese, is a shady character who serves on the Vatican Bank Board.

Using the bank board as a front, Marchese is actually helping to operate a criminal network that is funding the terrorist network Hezbollah. Marchese’s network also includes an American, David Girard, who has forfeited loyalty to his country for the sake of greed.

Through surveillance, The Office — a nickname for the Israeli intelligence group, Mossad — it is learned that Marchese’s network involves a known terrorist named Massoud Rahimi, who is wanted for terroristic acts against the nation of Israel.

When Allon attempts to visit Girard to see what he is doing, Allon is injured by a bomb blast that was meant for Allon and Girard. Girard is killed.

Though injured, Allon is able to assist The Office in capturing Rahimi. Feeling the threat that he will be killed in captivity, Rahimi gives up information about his network and their terrorist acts, which includes a planned attack against the Pope during an Easter visit to Israel.

The Rothschilds, the Vatican, and Banking Secrets Behind Jewish and Armenian Genocide

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