Friday, 21 December 2012

Million Dollar Checks Found at the Kotel

Rabbis Money Laundering, Jew sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the infamous ponzi scheme

Some worshipers leave prayers and notes in the tiny cracks of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Others, apparently, leave million dollar checks. According to the Israel News Network, a good citizen turned in an envelope with 507 signed checks for $1 million that was left at the Kotel earlier this week.

“There was an envelope that was found at the Western Wall. Inside the envelope itself were hundreds of cheques, each one for a sum close to a million dollars,” [Police Spokesman Mickey] Rosenfeld told AFP.
“It’s been taken to ‘lost and found,’ and at the moment we’re examining the source of each check and if they’re real or not, but at the moment it looks as though they are genuine checks,” he added.
According to a police statement, donation checks from African countries are sometimes left in the Wall, although they mostly tend to be bound when cashed. That’s what you get for never responding to those e-mail pleas to wire money to your Nigerian barrister.
Signed Checks Worth Half a Billion Dollars Found at the Kotel

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