Monday, 24 December 2012

Israel activates American 5th column for Sandy Hook damage control

It began 36 hours ago during a TV interview about gun control with an angry American radio show host, Mike Harris, making his case for Israeli complicity in the Connecticut school killings.

Mike based his feelings on the recent Gaza outrages, access to Intel reports on the Breivik killings in Norway, backed by a wealth of circumstantial evidence that raised very serious questions but did not “close.”

Then Gordon Duff wrote a short article on the Harris interview giving some background but stayed well short of endorsing Harris’s conclusions.

Today Duff’s article went viral on Press TV.

It hit a nerve, the UN votes, Gaza bombings, the world was, it seemed, ready to blame Israel for whom killing children has been part of their state defense policy for some time.

What can put the “Israeli stamp of approval” on a preemptive attack more than killing children, right?

In the intelligence world especially, Israel has a very long history of state terrorism going back to their pre-1948 war market-basket bombs, and being awarded at least a virtual patent for car and truck bombs.

Many of their top leaders came up through their terrorist ranks, where having murdered people was considered a resume enhancer to the voters.

Every counter intelligence officer and analyst working the Israel desk carries around a mental encyclopedia of the methods used in every Israeli attack on record, including those the public is unaware of.

When any nation, group, company, be it a bank, insurance company or even a political party needs a convenient car bombing, no matter which side or who or what dies, you can always hire Israelis.

They have a reputation. When they blow things up they stay “blown up.”

There are no restrictions, political killings, murdering family members, a mother, a child, anything to get a message to a targeted individual.

This does not include the mayhem caused by their retired people who offer their well-honed services to the open market.

Mike Harari was one of those. On September 12, 2001, Harari, Operations Chief of the Mossad, confessed to planning the 9/11 terror attacks.

In 2007, former Soviet Nuclear Security Officer Dimitri Khalezov testified to this during an FBI debriefing in Bangkok, Thailand, lie detector attached. The FBI was told: “No rendition for a Mossad spy chief!” Continue reading

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