Friday, 21 December 2012

Ex-diplomat likens Catalonian children to Jews in Holocaust

A former Spanish ambassador likened Catalonian children to Jews who were forced to wear the yellow star.

"Can You Find Elie Wiesel's Tattoo? 

Yellow Star

Francisco Vasquez, a member of the Socialist Party, a former mayor of La Coruna and a past ambassador to the Vatican, told TelevisiĆ³n de Galicia last week that there was “no difference between a Jewish yellow star used by the Nazis and a child punished for speaking Catalan Castilian in the schoolyard."

Socialist Party politicians from both sides of the linguistic divide strongly condemned the comments.

Congresswoman Beatriz Ferrolana Sestayo said Vasquez’s statements were an "aberration" that merited an apology, according to the Spanish paper Libertad.

On Thursday, leaders of Catalonia’s autonomous government agreed to form a new government and hold a referendum on independence in 2014, maintaining a push for autonomy that poses a major challenge to Spain's central government.

WIESENTHAL Centres Lore:

Although Wiesenthal alleged in his book that the drawing of the three shot Jews occurred in Mauthausen, the truth is that he plagiarized this picture from a series of photographs which appeared in the Life magazine of June 1945.

The series of photographs were of German soldiers, captured during the 'Battle of the Bulge" wearing American uniforms, and executed by firing squad as allowed by the Geneva Convention. Wiesenthal copied his picture of "three shot Jews" from a Life photo essay which showed three Germans being shot by Americans!

Wiesenthal "Nazi hunter" stole this image 
 of three shot Germans, from Life Magazine page
Wiesenthal's "Mauthausen execution"

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