Sunday, 30 December 2012

David Sheen rescues Palestinian from Jewish supremacist


  1. Just got into a brawl on a bus in Jaffa with @jrosyfield. Jewish man said he wanted to kill all Christians, then jumped on a Palestinian man
  2. Jewish Israeli man heard @jrosyfield &  I speak in English & asked if we were Christians. We said no. He said "Good". Why "Good", I asked.
  3.  Him: Because Christians are ruining the Jewish country. Me: How are Christians ruining the country? Him: We're going to burn them all!
  4. Then a Palestinian citizen of Israel also on the bus says: Well then you'll have to kill me because I'm Christian. So the Jew tried to
  5. The 300-pound Jewish Israeli man leaps across the bus & pounces on the Palestinian man & pummels him. I jumped on him to pull him off.
  6. The Israeli man was hella strong so he got a few punches in before I could pull him off the Palestinian man, who got in 1 or 2 kicks
  7. Once separated, I gave a loud speech to the whole bus about this incident being a logical result of state-sponsored Jewish Supremacy.
  8. Worse than the murderous Jewish Supremacist is the fact that few Israelis will stand up to confront even flagrant examples of racism.
  9.  Eventually police came, we got off the bus &  they took our statements & contact info. The Palestinian man plans to press charges.
  10. Remember: this is TelAviv-Jaffa, not the West Bank. Thank you all for expressing your concern & thanks @jrosyfield for having my back.

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