Tuesday, 25 December 2012

AIPAC agent Eliot Engel serves Israel's Likud Party not the US but Dems made him Foreign Affairs top dog

Before the House Democrats elected their ranking members, we started warning about the potential disaster of putting Zionist extremist Eliot Engel, whose loyalties are demonstrably more to the Likud Party in Israel than to the U.S.A., in as ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Engel, a New Dem and "Free" Trade cypher, was up against another Zionist, Brad Sherman, who isn't as extreme as Engel. House Democratic leadership, though, was intent on filling every position they could with New Dems-- while the Progressive Caucus dozed-- and Sherman was persuaded to withdraw from the race. The Democrats are now stuck with, for all intents and purposes, an Israeli spy as their spokesperson on the committee. And his first goal is to do AIPAC's dirty work against Obama's first choice for Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel. Like Susan Rice, Hagel is a flawed character, another figure DWT has been warning against-- not because he doesn't kiss AIPAC ass but because he was the originator of the computerized stealing of elections.

Obama is Obama and he isn't going to pick and good cabinet members, short of, perhaps keeping Hilda Solis on as Labor Secretary. So it's pointless in getting too emotionally invested in these fights between the insiders. Susan Rice and John Kerry are both equally what you might call useless tools of the Establishment conservative consensus. Hagel and Flournoy are equally useless... although... despite his flaws-- documented in that last link above-- Hagel does supposedly want to cut back on the power of the Military Industrial Complex. Supposedly.

Back to the hideous Engel. The House doesn't vote on the president's nominees but he's already sticking his nose into the process on behalf of Israel and AIPAC, claiming Hagel has an "endemic hostility towards Israel." Continue Reading  

AIPAC: Money, war, Islamophobia

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