Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Did Obama Give and Promise Israel This Time?

The Israelis have run circles around Barack Obama ever since he came to the White House.    Obama’s first major initiative was to insist on an Israeli settlement freeze and adherence to what was called “The Road Map”.  The Israelis very firmly said “No deal”.  These days Obama doesn’t even mention his former policies and how the Israeli rolled him time after time, so much so that it was Obama who gave Israel more money and more arms and more “strategic alliance” than any President before him.

Furthermore the Israeli Prime Minister did all he could to get Obama’s nemesis elected.  Now, with the latest twists and turns, Netanyahu has cornered Obama into helping him get reelected in January.

With yesterday’s “ceasefire”, has Obama been taken once again by the Israelis?  Quite likely so. We don’t know what took place in the many phone calls between Obama in Asia and Bibi, but it’s quite likely the Israelis had a big wish list and an overall plan to start this new war shortly after the American election and the biggest ever joint military exercises with the U.S.

What did Obama have to promise Bibi to get him to do what he wanted to do anyway? The Israelis had already killed the Hamas leaders they wanted to kill. The Israelis had already tested their Obama-financed anti-missile system.  The Israelis had already devastated all the main targets in Gaza in their week of bombing. And the Israelis has already proved that their massive well-oiled propaganda machine works quite well.

So just what did Obama and Clinton give the Israelis? More hundreds of millions for more weapons?  Extra political support to block the Palestinians at the U.N.? More bunker busting bombs to take on the Iranians?  More secret intelligence and promises what the US will do in coordination with Israel vis-a-vis Syria, Lebanon, Iran.  More promises to push Abbas in Ramallah into a false and Israeli-constructed “Two-State Solution?”

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