Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Petraeus Scandal Expands/Explodes:

Updates for Day 5

Robert Wright: real scandal is ” creeping militarization” of the CIA. The named and the (still) unnamed in the scandal.  Scott Shane at NYT with a new look today at civil liberties threats to all in this broad snooping business online.

As you may have heard, Gen. John R. Allen, the US commander in Afghanistan now involved, also via Jill Kelley, the Tampa woman allegedly harassed by Paula Broadwell. Washington Post with update from senior official claiming “no affair,” although Allen did ofter refer to Kelley in some of his hundreds or maybe thousands, of e-mails as “sweetheart.”   At White House briefing spokesman said the president still had confidence in Allen. Here’s latest NYT update.

Local paper finds Kelley mired in lawsuits and a major foreclosure. (Photo grouping at left from the Daily Telegraph.)  Salon with a new everything-you-need-to-know, until everything changes.

It turns out that the local FBI agent whom Kelley tipped off had earlier sent her photos of himself—with his shirt off—and then had a key role in the whole drama (tipping off GOP congressmen along the way). He has since been barred from the probe. Turns out he was also politically motivated, aiming to expose Obama “coverup” before the election. Kevin Drum claims Petraeus was “undone by the wingnuts.”

And yes, the first Downfall Hitler parody has arrived.  And  Denver TV station that posted doctored cover of Broadwell has fessed up to the rather salacious mistake.

Then we go to another excellent Amy Davidson piece at The New Yorker, raising various ethical, political and military/CIA security questions. Among other things, she wonders if it’s merely “convenient” that David and Paula claim their affair started only after he left the military—if not he violated both adultery and sex harassment (she was a mere reservist) rules. Also: “Allen’s addition is like the moment, in 1986, when everyone learned that the Contras had a part in the Iranian arms-for-hostages scandal—it simultaneously becomes more serious and more farcical, although in this case the balance is still tilted much more toward farce.”

Greg Mitchell’s updates from yesterday can be found here.

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