Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OBAMA’S AMERICAN JEWS – Duplicitous Hypocrites

The Neocon American Jews — these days associated with AIPAC, the Zionist Evangelicals, and the Imperialist Republicans — are of course the most to be shunned and despised.

But the “Liberal” American Jews are today actually the most dangerous and should be shunned as well.  They are primarily organized these days as J Street and Americans for Peace Now (APN) and associated with the Democratic Party.  They are, to put it succinctly, duplicitous hypocrites.  Moreover they are actually controlled from Israel.

J Street was started soon after Obama’s first victory by remnants of Israel’s Labor and associated parties, as was APN years ago.  Daniel Levy (protege of Yossi Beilin, himself protege of Shimon Peres) and David Kimche (formerly top dog in Mossad and the Israeli Foreign Ministry) were the J Street architects.
Today J Street and APN are the champions of the good for Zionists, lethal for Palestinians, and oh-so-false “Two State Solution”.

APN, though in existence for far longer, is the junior partner with J Street.  While J Street is the Good Cop for AIPAC, APN tries to be the Good Cop for J Street.   Thus APN endorses the upcoming UN non-state member vote while J Street dances with it.

Both organizations are loyal members of the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations — Israel’s Zionist Enforcer which controls who gets to speak, go on Israel trips, get Jewish organizational awards, and get invited to Jewish this and that gatherings.  Both organizations work closely with and assist Palestinian collaborators, the worst of which is Ziad Asali and his despicable American Task Force for Palestine.  Both organizations masquerade as being in favor of Palestinian Statehood when in effect they are desperately trying to get the Palestinian quislings they arm and finance to accept perpetual bondage, fragmentation and disenfranchisement.  Most especially the veiled goal of both organizations, in tandem with that of the Israelis, is to get the Palestinians one way or another to give up their basic rights which are at the heart of the conflict in the historic land long known as Palestine until 1948.

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