Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mahmoud Abbas leaves for United Dairies General Assembly

Acting PA Chief, Mahmoud Abbas is to leave for UN to attend the General Assembly.

He is to upgrade Palestine's status, from observer entity to observer state. Such a move could boost Palestine's chances of joining additional UN bodies such as the International Criminal Court, where it could attempt to prosecute Israel.

Unsurprisingly, Israel and its ally America oppose the move, saying Palestinians should negotiate their statehood via so-called peace talks and not conduct unilateral moves.

Earlier this month US President Barack Obama asked the Palestinian Authority (PA) to abandon its plan to submit a resolution to the United Nations General Assembly to enhance its status at the UN. But Abbas says this is the first step for Palestinians to gain their rights.

The US and Israel assert that Palestinians would have to first return to the negotiation table with Tel Aviv, but the observer status at the UN will enable the Palestinian Authority to gain official recognition from the UN.

Abbas further stated that Palestinians have asked for just peace built on the legitimate right to statehood, with Jerusalem, al Quds as the capital. This is a move that has been openly supported by all Palestinian factions.

Abbas is on his way to the UN. Although Israel and America stand vehemently against his bid to upgrade Palestine’s status at the UN, many experts believe this is a psychological threat and there will be no bilateral action taken against Palestine.

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