Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Egypt: Cairo protesters firebomb Al-Jazeera office

Great News

Witnesses say Egyptian protesters have firebombed one of the offices of satellite broadcaster Al-Jazeera in the third day of violence in central Cairo.

The protesters attacked the studio overlooking Tahrir square with Molotov cocktails and petrol bombs early Wednesday, leaving it gutted by fire hours later, witnesses said.

Disgruntled youth and security forces have been clashing in the area since Monday, with protesters hurling stones and firebombs and security forces firing birdshot and tear gas into the crowd. Some protesters had been accusing Al-Jazeera of bias in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's most powerful political force from which President Mohammed Morsi hails.

The protests started on the first anniversary of a previous street battle between police and demonstrators that left 42 protesters dead.

Emir of Qatar visited Israel in secret to meet Mossad prostitute Tzipi Livni. Al-Jazeera did not cover the visit


This visit was in April 2009 but in January of the same year Perez was visiting Qatar. In December Israel attacked the Palestinian civilians in Gaza with white phosphorus killing 1400 people the majority were women and children. The Arab leaders can learn a great deal from Israel alright, and maybe Israel needs the Qatari oil to fuel its F-16s that carry the bombs that shreds the Palestinian children to smithereens.

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