Friday, 23 November 2012

Another major Australian Jewish organization is under investigation for child sexual abuse

 Watch out there's a jewish  rabbi about! protect your kids from these and other jewish monsters

Australian Child Sex Abuse Scandal Widens – Again 

Another major Australian Jewish organization is under investigation for child sexual abuse and for covering up the crimes against the children it was obligated to protect.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:
Another major Jewish organisation in Australia is embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal, adding to the trauma triggered by recent revelations of similar cases involving students at a Chabad and Adass Israel school.

The name of the organisation, the defendant and the alleged victims cannot be revealed due to a court suppression order.

But it can be revealed that a man has faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on more than 25 counts of child sex abuse, including indecent acts with a minor and sexual intercourse with a child.

The defendant, who is not believed to be Jewish, entered a “not guilty” plea and is scheduled to face court again next month, with a trial date expected to be set for next year.

The alleged sexual abuse is understood to have taken place during an overseas trip around a decade ago.

A spokesperson for the Office of Public Prosecutions also confirmed that there are multiple complainants. It is understood not all of them are Jewish.…
Manny Waks, the lead alleged Jewish victim in the Chabad end of these Melbourne child sexual abuse scandals, noted the following on his Facebook page a few minutes ago:
…I am aware of the organisation involved, and I'm really disappointed to say that here too there are serious allegations of a cover up and mistreatment of the victims. Disturbing.

It's important to acknowledge the immense courage of the five victims who have endured so much, yet are still willing to pursue justice. We are completely behind you!

I wish I could say that it will stop here. I can't. Unfortunately there is still a great deal more to come out....

At this time we must stand up as a community to urgently and adequately address this ongoing and far-reaching scandal; for the victims, for the community, for our parents, for us, and for our children.

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