Sunday, 25 November 2012

100s protest violence against women in Tel Aviv

Hundreds gathered Sunday night in a "Take Back The Night" march that went from Rabin Square and culminated in Tel Aviv's Cinematheque square. The rally was to mark World Awareness Day for Violence Against Women. The crowd was a mix of genders, races, activists and politicians all uniting against the injustice of violence towards women.

The most abject object is an "orthodox" Jewish woman Remember the Jewish 'women's liberator' that went to Iran in the middle of their titanic struggle to free themselves from israeli-american control? She did  everything to sow havoc without success. Yet she never tried to 'liberate' the orthodox Jewish woman, degraded, forbidden the synagogue, her head shaved bald, only permitted intercourse with a sheet between herself and her husband.

A stage was set up for speakers, activists, and women who gave speeches, poems, and demonstrations.

Meretz leader MK Zehava Gal-On spoke to the crowd to advocate for women and to fight violence of any kind. Happy with the turnout, the MK said "its amazing so many people gathered here against violence towards women."

Meretz members stood in the crowd holding signs of support."I am here tonight to stop violence against women, rapes, chauvinism and sexism," said Nitay Sheinenzon, a member of the party.

However, not everyone thought the liberal political side was being adequately represented.

"Where are the activists who are demonstrating against the war?" asked Maya Welledstein, a left activist and feminist. "It's a disappointment every year."

"Regardless of any security issues and wars in Israel," Welledstein continued. "Jewish and Palestinian women can unite in their fight against sexual violence against women."

"I think the important thing about this march is to increase awareness," said an activist, although she declined to give her name. The group joined the march from Levinsky street at the Central Bus Station. A minor was raped in the neighborhood in May 2012 and the group wanted to continue awareness. "One speaker said she was raped in south Tel Aviv and no one paid attention," she continued.

Before leaving the rally for the night, the woman made a final statement of the importance of reaching out for help in any situation. "Any woman who feels any kind of harassment needs to know it is OK to call. They need to call to prevent the same abuser or rapist from harming other women. No one deserves this kind of treatment."

Israeli singer and actress Dana Berger closed the event singing a capella and then with an acoustic guitar. Her lyrics spoke about the importance of standing up for yourself no matter how alone you feel. For Berger, she wanted to get the message across to never give up ones freedom or happiness for anything. Coming off the stage Berger said it was an amazing feeling to be able to perform for such a cause. "Its a privilege to be with all these courageous women."

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