Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How Zionism Infiltrated The United States

Mark Bruzonsky, a Jewish, American Scholar and Journalist, has been a key member behind the scenes of the Israeli Palestinian peace initiative in the 1980s, meeting with Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and with Palestinian officials.

In this exclusive interview with Press TV’s Autograph, Mr. Bruzonsky talks about the challenges and missed opportunities he witnessed first-hand, and how Zionist groups infiltrated American politics, US institutions and organizations.

He goes further to explain the specific time and day Obama sold out to the AIPAC lobby, and how President Obama would never dare oppose the stronghold of the Zionist, Israeli Lobby in the US.

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So,Socrates said...

Will be late,really,really late when the american people opened their eyes to the way u.s.a. has falling into the very hands of the zionism and israel. 9-11 was a wake call,but americans keep stick to flat screen tv watching football,baseball and soup operas. How many companies are owner for zionist jews in america vs americans not jews,who have got all military contract in u.s.a.? Who run the insurance companies,the banks,wall street? Are we a land of domies and pupets? What is goin on here,are we blinds? We keep sending ours tax dollar to israel expantion,ours kids to be killed whitout a real reason,we are sink with the fuel price at the pump! And nothing happen? I remember that american boat attaked for israel war planes in the 60s,nothing happen then and same today!
We are in the door of failure. We are like the titanic today and israel will be that big ,cold and hard shonk of ice that will turn america into a sinking museum.
Wake up americans: the end its close, very close!