Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Rev.: Poland not ruled by Poles since 1939

Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk's statement that Poland ‘not ruled by Poles since 1939’ widely understood as referring to Jews secretly running the country; Rydzyk previously accused of anti-semitism.

A Polish priest and media mogul has sparked uproar in Poland by calling the country a "totalitarian state" that "hasn't been ruled by Poles since 1939,” a statement many interpret as code for saying Jews are secretly running the country.

The Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk, who has previously been accused of fomenting anti-Semitism through his politically influential, ultra-Catholic radio station Radio Maryja, made the comments at the European Parliament last week.

Poland's Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note to the Vatican accusing Rydzyk of "harming the image of Poland abroad," the first-ever such complaint by the Polish government to the Holy See.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Monday that Rydzyk has enjoyed undue privileges for too long and the government plans to curb them.


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