Friday, 6 May 2011

For 1st time since 2006: IDF holds logistics drill

Army deploys all logistic equipment needed for battle on northern front, establishes stationary logistics center

For the first time since the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the IDF has deployed all the logistic equipment needed for battle on the northern front. Within the framework of an extensive military exercise, it established a stationary logistics center which is supposed to supply troops with all the equipment necessary – from food to ammunition.

The logistics center which was first used in battle during Operation Cast Lead is meant to prevent delays in transportation of equipment to combat regiments. The soldiers will be able to take equipment from the center to the front while the General Staff will be able to keep an eye on the inventory.

The goal is to enable the soldiers to do their duty at the front continuously without their ever lacking in anything," Lieutenant Colonel Ronen Cohen deputy commander of the Northern Command logistics support unit told Ynet.

During the Second Lebanon War there was harsh criticism of the lack in logistical supplies. Food, ammunition, fuel and medical equipment failed to reach the troops in time if at all. In addition, various IDF units had to go through the different storage facilities throughout the country in order to get the necessary supplies.

Establishing the stationary logistics center in wartime allows the military to gather all the equipment in one place and shortens the transfer time from home front to battlefield.

Critical role
"Over the past few days we have carried out extensive exercises meant to give our reserve forces the tools to establish stationary logistics centers, operate it efficiently and even deal with the possibility that the center itself can come under threat," Lieutenant Colonel Cohen said.

According to Cohen, in battle the regiment transfers an equipment list to the supervising headquarters and after receiving approval, representatives make their way to the center and take the necessary equipment straight to the troops at the front.

This is also the first time that the logistics center has operated a computerized system which keeps tabs on the inventory and registers information about the amount of equipment taken and those requesting it. Until now, all the information was saved in documents.

"Over the past few months we have developed a unique system that significantly shortens the waiting time for the units at the center," said Lieutenant Colonel Aner Gottlieb, head of the Technological and Logistics Directorate.

"Logistics has a critical role in warfare and the stationary logistics center is a key stage in emergency situations," Chief Logistics Officer Brigadier General Mofid Ganem noted.

"We have undergone logistics training programs on the subject, including the deployment of the stationary logistics centers in their final configuration and we all understand the importance of the situation.",7340,L-4065460,00.html

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