Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Irish Journalist Tries to Arrest Foreign Monster Lieberman

Security agents stopped an Irish journalist from trying to make a citizen’s arrest of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in the press room of the European Council in Brussels on Tuesday.

David Cronin, a freelance journalist who has written for The Economist and is a member of the Brussels press corps, shouted, “Mr. Lieberman, this is a citizen’s arrest. You are charged with the crime of apartheid. Please accompany me to the nearest police station.”

Before he could advance towards the Foreign Minister, security agents swiftly and bodily escorted him out of the meeting room as he shouted “apartheid” and “Free Palestine.”

Cronin’s press credentials were temporarily revoked last year when he managed to place his arm on the Quartet's Middle East envoy Tony Blair and tell him he was under citizen’s arrest for Britain’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq.

Yoel Mester, a spokesman for the Israeli mission to the EU, told The Guardian that Cronin is "obviously obsessed with Israel; judging by what he's written, [he is] a dedicated anti-Israel activist.”

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