Friday, 4 February 2011

Meet Jeffrey Scumbag Rense and Frosty Scumbag Wooldridge

Zionist Trash Jeff Rense continues promoting the Jew World Order's main agenda ie 'Clash of Civilization'

Meet Jeffrey Scumbag Rense and Frosty Scumbag Wooldridge Make no mistake the purpose of 9/11 and Islamophobia are one and the same: to foment hatred for Islam and Muslims. By publishing Islamophobic trash, written by a 9/11 denier, Jeffrey Benjamin Rense, shows his true colors: a hate-mongering Scumbag. if Scumbag Frosty Wooldridge's articles are worth publishing, then Scumbag Rense is openly supporting the hate-mongering criminal jewish neocon conspiracy who are dropping bombs on Muslims on the one hand and defaming them on other. Shady Rense is far worse than the Christian Zionist Evangelicals trying hard to trigger Armageddon: I can see no other reasons except that this mythomaniac Scumbag is making fools of his audience by claiming he is a truth seeker, while playing off the notorious zionist tricks to keep them blinded, confused, mentally and spiritually as a human beings. Like all Zionists, Jeffrey Benjamin Rense certainly suffers delusions of grandeur, claiming his weird website is the most plagiarized on the net....ha... ha... ha... ha... Source

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