Saturday, 16 October 2010

israel to extradite Non-Jew in New York killings

israel need to extradite the entire Khazar-Jew population of Land Thieves and other criminals out of Palestine and be delivered to the countries they wronged. As Haartez News reported on November 2,2004 on the State of Criminals:

"When I open the police files I find detailed reports about Jewish criminals. The archives have enough material for 100 historians and for 100 years, and even then they won't finish."

A New York man suspected of stabbing his parents to death will be extradited to the U.S. in the coming hours, Israel's Interior Ministry said Saturday.

Ministry spokesman Sabine Haddad said Israeli immigration officials will accompany Eric Bellucci, who was arrested at Tel Aviv airport on Friday, on a flight back to New York early Sunday.

"American authorities asked us to be with him - for security and because he is wanted in the states," she said.

Bellucci's parents, Arthur, 61, and Marian, 56, were found dead Wednesday night in their Staten Island home.

Haddad said Bellucci is currently being held at a lockup in Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport, where he was picked up on Friday after trying to buy a plane ticket to Beijing. His confused manner alerted a flight clerk who notified security officials.

Bellucci is not an Israeli citizen, and it was unclear why he had traveled to Israel.

Israeli authorities said they had been searching for Bellucci for nearly 24 hours in coordination with the NYPD before his arrest. More@

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