Friday, 24 September 2010

US group releases West Bank settlements iPhone app

Americans for Peace Now (APN), the US partner of Israeli settlement watchdog Peace Now, released an iPhone and iPad application on Monday that tracks Israeli settlement activity on the West Bank.

"Anyone, anywhere, can now log in and see the realities on the ground," APN president and chief executive Debra DeLee said of the free application, which is available through iTunes.

"This new app shows the unfiltered realities that settlements create on the ground of the West Bank," DeLee said in a statement.

"While people are entitled to their opinions on this divisive issue, there is only one set of facts, and our app makes these facts available in unprecedented clarity and detail," she said.

"We hope this app will revolutionize the debate over West Bank settlements, breaking through polemics and spin, and anchoring the discussion in the facts," she said.

APN's application, "Facts on the Ground: The APN Map Project," consists of a Google map with settlements depicted as blue houses and outposts in red.

Clicking on a settlement shows the date it was established, its population, its size and other information.

"This unique tool -- there is nothing like it anywhere else -- is made possible through the unparalleled depth and breadth of the expertise of the Israeli Peace Now movement?s Settlements Watch team," DeLee said.

"The transparency this tool offers is doubly important at this time, as Israel considers abandoning its 'freeze' on new settlement construction," she added.

APN said its settlements application "will be updated constantly to reflect breaking events and issues in the news, such as new settlement plans and construction, the establishment or removal of outposts, or violent incidents perpetrated by Palestinians or by settlers."

A Web-based version of the application is available at and APN said it will soon become available for other smartphones. The group said a Hebrew version was under development.

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