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Do not wonder - too much- why...

27 Elul

· Expulsion of Jews from Frankfurt, commemorated as a Taanis Tzibur, 1614
· Jews of New York barred from voting, 1737.
· First Jew known to have settled in Canada, 1760.
· Kievfell to Germany, 1941.
· Rabin signed the Oslo Accords with PLO terrorist leader Arafat, 1993. A historic handshake is made between Prime Minister Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat on the White House lawn.

28 Elul

· The infamous inquisitor of Aragon Pedro Arbues was slain, 1485. Appointed by Torquemada, he was zealous in finding lapsed “new Christians” to bring before the Inquisition and have them burned alive. He was murdered in church by a group of Marranos in retaliation for his actions against their families. The perpetrators were caught, had their hands cut off, and were then beheaded and quartered. Other leaders such as Francisco de Santa Fe committed suicide, or fled to France. Arbues was canonized by the Vatican in 1867.
· Peter the Great ordered 13 of his soldiers who participated in anti-Jewish riots hanged, 1708.
· French Jews granted full citizenship for the first time since the Roman Empire, 1791.
· First shul in South Africa, Tikvas Yisrael, was dedicated in Cape Town, 1849.
· Gedera attacked by Arabs, 1901.
· U.S. President Warren G. Harding signed a joint resolution of Congress approving the establishment in Palestine of a Jewish homeland, 1922.

29 Elul

· The false prophet Chananya ben Azur died within the year, as Yirmiyahu had foretold, 459 B.C.E.. Chananya prophesied the Jews’ victory over Babylonia within two years and the return of Golus Yechonya and the keilim of the Beis Hamikdash instead of the total conquest by Nevuzaradan that Yirmiyahu prophesied and which took place several years later.
· Many leading Jews of Posen, Poland were imprisoned and tortured following a blood libel, 1736.
· Birthday of R. Menachem Mendel ben Shalom Shachne, third Lubavitcher Rebbe, "The Tzemach Tzedek," in Liozna (1786-1866).
· First organized attack by Nazi storm troopers, Berlin, 1931.
· Germany occupies Miclec, Poland and killed its entire Jewish population, 1939.
· Between 8000 and 11,000 Jews of the Stolin ghetto were murdered in Stasino, about 3 miles outside the ghetto, 1942.

1 Tishrei

· Ezra read the Torah to the people and made a new covenant with them, c. 360 B.C.E.
· Zerubavel brought the first Korban on the new Mizbei’ach, 352 B.C.E.
· Cardinal Caraffa (later to be Pope Paul IV), with the backing of Pope Julius III, publically burns sefarim in Rome, 1553.
· Jews of Mogilev, Russia were attacked during Tashlich, 1645.
· First shul services in Manhattan, 1654 and in St. Louis, 1836.
· Birth of Rav Yisrael Abuchatzeira, the Baba Sali (1890-1984)
· Daf Yomi study was instituted by Reb Meir Shapiro of Lublin, 1923.

2 Tishrei

· Without any request by the Germans, the Vichy government of France began passing anti-Jewish measures, particularly on refugee Jews, prohibiting them from moving, and limiting their access to public places and most professional activities.. About 350,000 Jews lived in France at the time, more than half of whom were not French citizens. Under the terms of the armistice between France and Germany, northern France remained under German occupation. Southern France, which was not occupied by the Germans, was governed by an exclusively French administration based in the town of Vichy. The Vichy regime publicly declared neutrality in the war, but actually was active in passing antisemitic legislation and cooperated with Germany in the deportation of Jews from France.

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