Thursday, 26 August 2010

In case of attack, Iran will target Gulf states, Iraq, Jordan and Israel

There are growing fears in the Gulf region of an imminent clash with Iran following the launch of Bushehr nuclear facility. Although Western circles downplay the importance of the facility to Iran's efforts to develop atomic bombs, the Arab states in the Gulf region believe the potential of military action against Iran exists.

The ongoing threats towards Iran by Tel Aviv and Washington come with practical preparations for a possible war such as the deployment of Patriot missiles in Kuwait.

Within this framework, a senior commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards told Kuwait's Al Rai newspaper that his country has prepared a plan for an all-out war, adding that "if Israel or the United States or both countries strike military facilities or economic sites in Iran, Iran will respond by bombing targets in all countries it will consider as "hostile." According to him, all the countries who will allow to use their territory to attack Iran, will be targeted.

He revealed that the Revolutionary Guards would consider the entire Gulf region, Iraq, Jordan and Israel as part of the war, pointing out that "there are more than 100 U.S. military bases in the Gulf countries and all of them are within the range of our weapons." He revealed that Iran will launch massive rocket attacks against Israel in the first stage. "Whatever the source of fire" Israel will be attacked first, he said. "All Israeli cities will be our target and we will not exclude the Dimona reactor," he noted.

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