Monday, 19 July 2010

Reanimating the Corpse of Humanity

Biological definitions of "life" which distinguish living organisms from inanimate objects tell us that white Europeans are dead. Advanced living organisms are self-sustaining, procreate, have a will, respond to stimuli, communicate, fight for their survival, defend their young and their societies, solve problems and adapt. White Europeans fail on all counts. The Jews have subverted each of these elements which render us alive.

The recent wave of hope which emerged as a tidal wave when Erdogan criticized Israel reminds us of what it is to actually be alive. We can solve our problems if we acknowledge and face them. We can better our existence and create a peaceful World. We can live and enjoy life. We can secure a future for our children. But we must be alive, in the literal biological sense of the term, to do these things.

It is the nature of a living organism to repel and destroy a parasite. We are not alive if we do not fight back and defeat the Jew. Remaining passive renders us as inanimate as a coffin, as dead as a rock, as lifeless as a ball of wax, as rotten and sour as the bloated corpse of a maggot infested fish washed up on the sand.

But if there is any life left in us, we can reinvigorate humanity and the natural response will be to eliminate the Jews from the healthy organism, though not through segregation of the tribe which has never worked, but rather through isolation of the individuals.

If we are to live, we must awaken our spirit, that will to control our fate and better our lot, our drive to destroy our enemies, which distinguishes the living from the dead, or worse, the inanimate. The Jews have perniciously persuaded us that it is wrong to be alive, that it is immoral to live. They have killed our spirit of life. To regain the spirit of life, we must remove that which kills it.

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