Saturday, 31 July 2010

International Big Jewry — Humanity’s Real Enemy

“I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become their inheritance.” — Bismarck (attributed)

HAVEN’T YOU EVER asked yourself this when watching TV: ”Has this country gone totally insane?” At some point you have to wonder if there really is a “Secret Cabal” of people pulling our strings. You know, all that “Protocols of Zion” stuff. And sure, you heard that the “Protocols” was nothing but a hoax or forgery, or whatever the Jews now try to tell you. For a long time they called it a “forgery” — but what of?

Have you read the Protocols? It’s incredible the degree of explanation and revelation for current and past events. And hell, I don’t care who you are, everybody knows something is going down, Jack. Common sense dictates that, at least. As a country, we’re obviously being marshalled along towards a future that certainly doesn’t bode well for Whites. Look around, read between the lines a little and you’ll see evidence all the time.

But let’s put away all the conspiracy business for the moment and look at a few indisputable facts. The biggest thing is how our money comes into existence; everyone knows “it doesn’t grow on trees,” right? People tell that to their kids all the time so they don’t become spendthrifts at the mall — meaning they need to learn that all us everyday chumps have to make money through hard work, education, etc., etc.

So, where does money really come from then?

Imagine for one minute if your own family was part of a small group of people having the monopoly rights on the printing of paper money everyone used? You would be fabulously wealthy (you can go over to the left and read from some of the links under “Follow the Money” topics). Factually, the “Federal Reserve” is NOT Federal, nor is it a “Reserve.” It’s owned by private banks, which in turn are owned by private parties and charge interest back to the government (supposedly us).

Technically, every single American with a social security number is on the hook for an immense bill. And that bill has now passed 13 trillion dollars. That’s something like $120,000 dollars for every taxpayer out there – so far!

All this is well known (but usually unmentioned by the media, or couched in abstract language). Make clear note that in one hundred years of existence, the Federal Reserve has never been audited and pays nothing in taxes on the billions of dollars they take in from us. Doesn’t this make you angry?

So why does the mainstream media never report on the Federal Reserve to any extent? It would seem that the so-called History Channel would do a piece on the subject, say a “Modern Marvels” show on the origins of the Federal Reserve. It’s simple, really: They know not to dwelve too deeply into the subject without having to answer to higher management. Much higher management.

The real owners of the Federal Reserve have been called the “Money Trust.” It is without a doubt the world’s largest criminal organization. Look into the huge scams they foist on nations and you’ll see (why rob a bank when you can own them and rip off millions?). It’s a matter of scale. They pretty much own our asses and most people don’t have a clue (or more likely, don’t want to). It all doesn’t have to be this way.

International Big Jewry — the world’s real backroom evil. More

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