Monday, 5 July 2010

Britain, Germany and Dubai Refuse to Re-Fuel Iranian Planes

Iranian media reported Monday that several countries have refused to fuel Iranian planes since new sanctions went into effect last week. Pilots have faced denial of re-fueling in Britain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, according to the IRNA and ISNA news agencies.

"Ever since last Thursday, airports in some countries are not supplying fuel to Iranian planes,” reported Iranian Airplanes Guild secretary Mehdi Aliyari. Pilots must fuel in Iran or make stops in intermediate countries instead, he said.

Iranian officials expressed anger, with one telling IRNA that the fuel restrictions are “against human rights and international conventions.”

On Thursday, United States President Barack Obama signed new, tougher sanctions into law in hopes of curtailing Iran's nuclear program. The sanctions aim to limit Iran's ability to import refined petroleum products, including jet fuel.

"With these sanctions, along with others, we are striking at the heart of the Iranian government's ability to fund and develop its nuclear weapons,” Obama said. “We are showing the Iranian government that its actions have consequences.”

The United Nations and Europe have agreed to sanctions as well.

Iran insists that its nuclear program is civilian in nature. However, it has maintained secrecy around its nuclear plants and has refused deals that would provide assistance with developing a civilian nuclear facility but leave it without weapons-grade uranium. Many countries suspect that Iran is developing nuclear weapons alongside its civilian program, or is setting itself up to be able to rapidly create a nuclear weapon.

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