Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Who Gives a Shalit?

Despite Israel’s expansion of illegal settlements, despite the recent Massacre in the Mediterranean, despite issuing evacuation orders to forcibly remove Palestinians from the Gaza and west bank, President Obama still publicly calls Israel a “beacon of democracy.” I don’t recall the old, segregated American south or the old, South African Apartheid government ever receiving such high praises from Negroes and Half-Ricans like Obama. Lets face it. Obama is just a good ole slave, pickin’ platitudes on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He knows who his Jewish master be.

Speaking of Israel, there’s been much hullabaloo in the Jews’ media over recent years about a captured Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier by the name of Gilad Shalit. Sargent Galid Shalit (we’ll call him sargent Jew Gawd Shit for simplicity in English pronunciation) was seized just across the border from Gaza during a raid by Palestinians in June 2006. The Jew has been held prisoner and used as a bargaining chip for the release of Palestinian prisoners being held captive by the IDF. Israel has been stonewalling negotiations for years, splitting hairs over which Palestinian prisoners to release on the Hamas’ list. After Israel objected to the release of certain captives, the Hamas has submitted list revisions in order to make the prisoner exchange more practical. Many of the prisoners on the Hamas’ list include Palestinian women and children. But Israel still hasn’t decided how many Palestinian women and children are worth the life of one Israel soldier.

Decisions. Decisions.

Palestine is portrayed as evil for capturing and holding Sargent Jew Shit. Yet Israel currently has over 10,000 Palestinians in political prison. Sargent Shit’s captivity pales in comparison to the captivity of Palestinians in Israel. But the women and children incarcerated in Israel’s prisons receive scant attention in the Jews’ media. Unlike the capture of Sargent Jew Shit, the imprisonment of Palestinian women and children does not get international attention. After all, they are only Palestinians.

Who gives a Shalit about them? More

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