Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Sickest Fuck of All?

"Why you are, Israel. Look at your 60+ year track record of murdering, terrorizing, 'disappearing' and jailing non-Jews and those you don't like. And that attack against that Gaza Convoy boat where you deliberately machine-gunned those aboard that were sleeping show.."

Sounds of a broken mirror, followed by a CNN report by Wolf Blitzer interviewing Abe Foxman of the ADL. Abe says that anti-Semitic activities around the world are on the rise, like the jew haters that spray painted Swastikas on tombstones in Dimona, Israel where they process plutonium and make thermo-nuclear weapons.
FOX follows up with a report quoting Israeli spokesman Mark Regev saying that the mirror had been making "... dire, serious threats against unarmed Israeli Jews for some time and Israel can not stand idly by while another holocaust is taking place against the peace-loving nation of Israel."

At Secretary of State Clinton's news conference, Madame Secretary stated that "The United States stands by its best friend and ally Israel,the only peace loving democracy in the Middle East and we will not tell Israel how to defend its borders against those who hate Israel for her freedoms!"
Mrs. Clinton then rushed off to attend a Bar Mitzvah being held by Marc Mezvinsky, the fiancee of her daughter Chelsea.

US President Barry Sotero was not available for comment, as he was vacationing at British Petroleum's 15,000 acre hunting preserve in the Scottish Highlands. More


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