Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Israel Facing More Flotillas

Pro-Palestinian organizations and Arab countries have vowed to continue the fight against the Gaza Blockade. The Iranian ICRC announced that they will send 2 ships with food and humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza. The ships are scheduled to leave this weekend. Palestinian business men from Lebanon, along with European activist are preparing another flotilla to leave soon.

In a press conference, Lebanese Palestinian Businessman Yasser Kashlak denied that the ships are affiliated with Hezbollah and Hamas, as Israel has claimed. “Israel’s claims are excuses to kill the activists on board the vessels, like they did on May 31st.” Kashlak declined to reveal the sponsors of the flotilla or the date of its departure.

The Israeli army and Navy are preparing an unknown number of ships that will try to break the martial siege on Gaza. An internal intelligence report that Fox News has obtained, claims the "flotilla offensive" is expected to climax at the end of the month of Ramadan, which takes place on October 12th, when organizations like Free Gaza and Viva Palestine seek to organize a convoy of 10 to 15 vessels.

Yesterday, the Israeli government authorized the creation of an independent committee to examine the events surrounding the raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla last month. "It is not ideal, but the other options are not as good," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said regarding the probe. "The flotilla to Gaza was not a one-time incident. We are in the midst of a difficult and continuous fight against the State of Israel." However, critics say that neither the committee's membership nor its authority is suited to meet the challenges posed by the affair.

The critics also point to the fact that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is moving forward with plans to form an international investigative forum to look into the deadly events, despite the Israeli committee, which is backed by the white house.


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