Friday, 25 June 2010

Is "Whiteism" the Antidote to "Jewism"?

Whites have several qualities which render them vulnerable to the Jews, but which can also be used to defeat the Jews and to promote the interests of the human race. Whites tend to be very conformist, surrender readily to authority, are capable of compassionless violence, seek "moral" justifications, can be persuaded to perform self-destructive actions based upon pseudo-rationales, and tend to be blindly religious. As such, the Whites have established an ancient and verifiable track record of destroying themselves and the human race for the benefit of the Jews, whom the Whites have historically worshiped.

The Jewists are utterly selfish, amoral and are only concerned with self-interest. As such, the Jews have established an ancient and verifiable track record of destroying humanity, focusing upon the Whites, for their own benefit.

Whiteist Whites have proven somewhat resistant to the Jewish parasite, though they have often and predominantly been used to promote Jewist interests, the foremost of which is Jewist segregationism, which coincides with and benefits from, one tiny facet of Whiteist segregationism.

Segregationism must be distinguished from absolute isolationism. The Jewists have always sought to promote the absolute isolationism of individual Whites from one another, but the Whiteists have yet to promote and enforce the absolute isolationism of Jews from one another.

Why, having recognized the Jewist People as an enemy, do Whiteists promote the tribalism of Jewists by insisting upon their segregation, and consequent perpetuation, with each other? If Whiteists truly seek to perpetuate White Europeans, then they must isolate each Jew from every other Jew and prevent the subsequent generations of the enemy Jewists who have pledged themselves to the destruction and extermination of Whites.

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Do they have a Jewish scouting movement?