Saturday, 5 June 2010

I Apologize to Israel

Today, after church, I began my usual pilgrimage to downtown. A few blocks from my “office” - a cluster of several internet cafes near the largest university in town – two Israeli men began approaching me rapidly. Since they were talking in loud Hebrew, it was just an attempt to frighten me up.

You know what? They did scare me; I have survived enough violent attacks from these beasts. I want to change attitude and apologize to Israel.

I want to apologize for paying attention to the Speaker of the Knesset hypocrisy and for denouncing it.

I want to apologize for bringing out some facts about the “indefatigable conspirator” and his “chefs,” but what can one do? Ephesians 5:11 instructs us so.

I want to apologize for bringing out so many strategic issues about Israel, but, everything was legal and well within my Freedom of Speech.

I want to apologize to Israel for letting the world know its political police – in the form of the Mossad and the Shin Beth – is systematically ruining my life for years. In the same opportunity I want to apologize for disclosing some of their methods.

I want to apologize to Israel and the ADL, for my open letter to the ADL clearly showing the hypocrisy of these bodies.

I want to apologize to Israel, for my explanations about its definition as a terror state and its problematic sovereignty.

I want to apologize to Israel for renouncing Judasim; but its Talmudic version lacks God and Love. I want to apologize to Israel for describing the life of Christians in Israel, the differences between the use of Hebrew among Jews and Christians. I apologize for disclosing the Christmas prohibition secret.

In other words – to keep this article short I won’t mention or link every single article in this website – I really want to tell the Israeli Administration I’m sorry if they get hurt from my articles. I humbly apologize and ask for their forgiveness. However, the problem is that many innocent people are dying due to your crimes. Thus, I am truly sorry if I hurt your feelings but I regret nothing, not one word or action of mine. Our duty is to denounce evil and bring good, even at the price of hurting the devil’s feelings. And yes, I know you may strike me again, it’s just irrelevant; you won’t get my soul.

May God reach you.

Roy Tov is a refugee recognized under the 1951 Geneva Convention. Due to a recent attack by Israel, he was left with permanent damage in his throat. Israel attempted also to entrap him in several ways, even by using a prominent American politician. He is seeking resettlement under the 1967 Geneva Protocol or to be gracefully recognized by other country under the 1951 Convention. In any case that must be in a country with no diplomatic relations with Israel.

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