Friday, 18 June 2010

German MP wants to cut Israeli ties

The leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) of Germany in Saxony has urged the termination of all ties with Israel and the imposition of economic sanctions on the regime.

"Stop cooperation with the…Jewish scoundrels, don't give in to the thriving Holocaust industry," Holger Apfel said in his Thursday speech that provoked a storm in the parliament.

During his speech titled "no to cooperation with scoundrel countries - and end cooperation between Saxony and Israel", Apfel also called for economic sanctions against Israel.

Apfel, a neo-Nazi legislator, refused to leave the podium even after his time was up, forcing the chairman to turn off his microphone and ask security officers to escort him outside.

Even then, he continued to denounce the "Jewish terror," the World Jewish Congress reported.

The report said Apfel has been suspended until December.

Apfel had previously expressed his opinion about the Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, saying that the "attack demonstrates a new 'characteristic' of 'state terror' employed by Israel."

"Since the establishment of the state in 1948 and the expulsion of millions of Palestinians -- the history of Israel has been accompanied by bloodshed."z

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