Friday, 25 June 2010

Con-gress shows Obama what real sanctions look like

AIPAC published a good summary of the Iranian sanctions just passed by Congress – in the House by a vote of 408-8-1, and Senate, 99-0.

Here’s something to make Obama’s life uneasy vis-a-vis his good friend, Turkey: If implemented, the legislation would dramatically raise the price Iran would pay for continuing its illicit nuclear activities [Look who's talking]. The Act strengthens current law by requiring the president to investigate and make determinations on investments in Iran’s energy sector while expanding and toughening penalties against those making such investments that violate U.S. law. The bill also ads the act of providing refined petroleum to Iran as a sanctionable offense and mandates that companies seeking U.S. government contracts must certify that they and related companies are not engaging in sanctionable activities.

Turkey, remember, has entered into contracts with Iran to provide gas, and they did it when the issue of restricting gas imports was on the UNSC table (it subsequently fell off because China and Russia required it to).

Obama will not want these sanctions to go forward. Russia will yell at him. China may call him to require his personal appearance in Peking to explain. So will he veto the bill? Does it step on his foreign policy turf?

He has a problem. The vote margins are way beyond veto-proof.

Thank Your Representative for Backing Tough Iran Sanctions

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