Thursday, 3 June 2010

Another Falsehood Of History Exposed...

With all the news focused on the Israeli massacre of Humanitarian Aid workers on board unarmed ships traveling to the Concentration camp known as Gaza, we sometimes forget that there are other important issues going on elsewhere in the world.

In my continuing efforts to expose the lies of history, I sometimes come across material that touches the most taboo part of the 20th Century, the Jewish Holocaust of World War II. It is again important to emphasize here that because I live in Canada, I cannot state my beliefs in what really happened during that period of history, due to the fact that if I was to put up any rational analysis of that period, I could be falsely arrested for being a "denier"!

But I can focus on the items that have been put forward that have helped scam artists get rich off of the Holocaust. One important factor that has always been put into peoples' heads was the idea that the Nazi German government of the day took the bodies of the victims of the death camps, and used their bodies to make soap bars. I remember for years watching as people would pass through the Holocaust museums and observe these bars of soap on display, with the standard comment being that they were made from human remains. It was appalling to think that a civilized nation would conduct such horror. More

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