Friday, 21 May 2010

Wiesel Torpedoes Madoff Play

• The world premiere of a play that imagines a jail-cell meeting (which never happened) between Bernard Madoff and Elie Wiesel was canceled after Wiesel protested. [WP]
• A planned Ashkelon, Israel, hospital is not to be built on a onetime Jewish cemetery, as angry ultra-Orthodox alleged. Turns out, the ancient cemetery was pagan! Build away! [AP/Haaretz]
• Harold Bloom’s big essay on British anti-Semitism provoked a huge number of letters in response, and you can read them now. [Paper Cuts]
• The Forward was at DAWN 2010! [Arty Semite]
• “Great Jewish Moments in Law & Order.” Well played. [Heeb]
• Mel Gibson tells us how he really feels:

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