Thursday, 6 May 2010

Storm Troopers detains 33 Palestinian civilians

Israeli soldiers have detained 33 Palestinian civilians during several overnight raids on West Bank cities and towns as well as a raid on a refugee camp.

The Israeli military raided the cities of Beit Lahm (Bethlehem) in the southern West Bank, the nearby town of Taqua, the northern city of Tubass, the nearby town of Qabatiya and the al-Far'a refugee camp late on Thursday.

In another incident in the northern West Bank settlement of Hashmonaim, 100 illegal settlers clashed with Israeli police forces when officers tried to demolish their illegally-built settlement units.

Police forces managed to demolish two units before settlers stopped them from leveling a third, Israeli media reported.

About 500,000 settlers live in the West Bank. All the settlements there are considered illegal by the international community. PressTV

Israelis attack Apartheid Wall protesters

Palestinians have been regularly staging demonstrations against the "apartheid wall," saying the land, which is being confiscated by Israel to build the barrier, belongs to local families.

Israel has been pushing ahead with the construction of the wall - whose course encompasses Israeli settlements in the West Bank - since 2002 under the pretext of "security fortification."

Estimated to run some 720 km across the West Bank, the wall isolates acres of Palestinian fruit orchards and olive grooves, inflicting a heavy blow on Palestine's already crushing economy.

Locals believe that the barrier is part of Tel Aviv's attempt to annex or fragment the territory sought by the Palestinians for their future state.

The International Court of Justice declared the barrier illegal but Israel has ignored the non-binding ruling. PressTV

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Gotham City,a Jewish Putsch is occuring in once Great Britain.

They go to great lengths to thwart the will of the British,who,it must be said,have always disliked their meddling in our affairs.