Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Senior Fatah Official: Work to Expel Israel from UN

Senior Fatah official, Nabil Shaath, said Wednesday that the PA should work towards Israel's isolation in the international arena, try and expel Israel from the United Nations and prevent it from deepening its relations with the EU

International orgs call on Israel to immediately release rights defenders
On 6 May 2010, at 03:10am, 16 members of the Israeli General Security Services (GSS) and the Israeli police force raided the family home of Mr. Ameer Makhoul. During the raid Mr. Ameer Makhoul was detained; until Monday night 17 May 2010 he was held in incommunicado detention and denied fundamental due process rights, including access to his lawyer. More

Ben Gurion: “We Must Expel the Arabs and Take Their Place” : Who is Pushing Whom into the Sea?

On 11 October 1961 Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion declared in the Israeli Knesset:
‘The Arabs’ exit from Palestine…began immediately after the UN resolution, from the areas earmarked for the Jewish state. And we have explicit documents testifying that they left Palestine following instructions by the Arab leaders, with the Mufti at their head, under the assumption that the invasion of the Arab armies a t the expiration of the Mandate will destroy the Jewish state and push all the Jews into the sea, dead or alive‘. More

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