Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Russian general: Stalin blocked attempts to kill Hitler

Rothschild's puppet Soviet Jew Mass Murderer Josef Stalin blocked two attempts to kill Rothschild's puppet Jew Mass Murderer Adolf Hiter during the Jew Rothschild-caused World War Two, "fearing that his replacement as Nazi leader would make peace with the Western Allies, a top Russian general said Tuesday.

A plan to attack Hitler's bunker in 1943 and a 1944 plot involving an assassin who had gained the trust of the Nazi leadership were both cancelled on Stalin's orders, General Anatoly Kulikov told a historical conference in Moscow. (Reuters)"

The man who became the personification of evil was the puppet of a hidden power still in control of the world.

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The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine -- with the support of the Jewish Community Development Fund in Russia and Ukraine (US) and the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine - has announced the fourth annual Klezfest Ukraine which will take place August 24 - 29, 2003.

Klezfest Ukraine is devoted to the study of traditional AshkeNazi music and its modern interpretation in both composition and performance. Special attention will also be devoted to methods of promoting modern Jewish music. Performers of Jewish music - instrumentalists and vocalists alike - are invited to participate in Klezfest Ukraine.

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