Friday, 7 May 2010

No Kidding: Lebanon complains to UN after Israel abducts 200 goats

Desperately needing organs? Returning them later with bugging devices, cameras?

Lebanon has filed a complaint against Israel with the United Nations Security Council after an Israeli force infiltrated Lebanon and seized nearly 200 goats in the area of Al-Shahel, on the outskirts of the town of Shebaa.

Beirut, which currently chairs the Security Council, filed the complaint on Thursday, after Israeli forces apprehended 185 animals and herded them into Israel, the National News Agency said.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Ali Shami met with Marjayoun-Hasbaya MP Qassem Hashem and discussed a recent letter sent by the Foreign Ministry to the secretary general of the United Nations, the chair of the Security Council, and the president of the UN General Assembly, to object to the Israeli complaint filed against Hashem on April 21 and refute Israel’s allegations.

Hashem had led locals in the village of Abbasieh in an impromptu protest against Israeli incursions across the technical fence near the Blue Line, removing barbed wire and planting Lebanese flags.

Also, Israeli air violations of Lebanese sovereignty continued in the past two days, and included overnight flights on Wednesday, along with two daytime violations on Thursday, and an overnight fly-over on Thursday-Friday.

Separately, the Lebanese Army announced on Friday that the process of “re-marking” the Blue Line of withdrawal has covered 13 separate points in the last week.

A statement by the army said that the process, which is taking place in coordination with personnel from the UNIFIL peacekeeping force, covered the area between the villages of Ramia and Rmeish. Up to now, a total of 47 separate points along the Blue Line have been subjected to the verification process, the army said.

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