Sunday, 16 May 2010

Is “Elie Wiesel” His Real Name?

1. Hello goys and girls, are you feeling good today? Are you in a good mood cause you are reading this on the weekend before going out to some honkey tonk somewhere and looking for sex with complete strangers? Maybe you are in a good mood because you are not sitting in the middle of Afghanistan dodging IED’s and bullets? Or maybe you are in a good mood because you are not living under Israeli occupation in Gaza while Israeli snipers take pot shots at you and your children wearing those nice, no doubt ADL-approved t-shirts celebrating the joy of murdering Palestinians? Maybe you have tickets to some sports game where all the players are multi-millionaires and who, when push comes to shove, have no respect for you whatsoever? Maybe you are in a good mood because you’ve taken all your money out of Swiss banks and deposited them in Israeli banks where the new law against hiding money in Swiss banks does not apply and so the Israeli Revenue Service [thanks for that one goes to Rick Adams] can’t get at them?

Well, for whatever reason you may be in a good mood dear Mantiqiyyiin and Mantiqiyyaat, all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr have made it our goal today to ruin it. By the time you are done reading today’s blog if you are not totally enraged, embittered, aggravated, irritated, angered, pissed off, incensed, infuriated, livid and just plain madder than a beautiful prostitute who has just found out that her “john” for the evening is Abe Foxman, then you are either as brain dead as a follower of Big Fat John Hagee or you are smoking something that you really do need to tell the rest of us about.

Oh, and one more thing. If you laugh at anything in today’s blog, then you are a bad person.

Let’s get ready to rumble, tumble, and piss off the worshipers of Zion, the Synagogue of Satan, all of the Judas Goats. More

The Riddle of Lazar-Lázár-Eliezer-Elie Wiesel

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