Sunday, 30 May 2010

"Freedom Flotillas": Dunkirk 1940 and Gaza 2010

by Rufus

As I write, a flotilla of small ships is sailing the Mediterranean to bring aid to a people devastated by Zionist persecution.

Seventy years ago another flotilla was sailing on the other side of Europe in the English Channel.

The two flotillas would appear at first glance to have little in common, however they inextricably are bound together. In 1918, the mighty European nation of Russia had been taken over by the forces of international materialism. In order to complete the destruction of Europe, a controlled opponent had to be created - this was to be Germany.

Germany had been economically crippled and physically dismembered by the Zionist war machine in London and Washington. Funded by the Zionist banking cartel, Germany had reversed its alien-created decline and become the strongest economy in Europe. The territorial losses had also been overturned, and the Hitler regime in Berlin was enjoying support hitherto unknown in a modern nation.

The Blitzkrieg was achieving results beyond the expectations of the internationalists who had funded the regime, and a quick victory for Germany seemed assured. That did not fit the internationalist agenda.

In 1940, Germany had subdued the opposition to the west. The objective of the war was to destroy the independent nations of Europe so that the shattered lands could be welded together into a single European superstate.

For this to be achieved, Germany had to be utterly crushed. To the horror of the Rothschilds, the Blitzkrieg was so successful that every combatant nation had capitulated, with the exception of Great Britain, and her military were trapped in the vicinity of Dunkirk.

All that was required to end the war in the west was for the German army to advance to the coast and cut off any possibility of retreat across the sea. This was precisely what the German High Command set out to do, and would have done had it not been for the direct intervention of Zionist asset, Adolf Hitler.

Hitler had repeatedly, and accurately, proclaimed the British Establishment to be completely controlled by international Jewry, aka Talmudic/Sabattean Jews and Zionists. Had he been sincere in his oft stated desire to liberate Europe from the evils of usury, he would have allowed the army to capture the British and French soldiers, and ended the war.

Instead, he ordered the German military to allow the British and allied forces to cross the sea unhindered in a flotilla of little ships, supported by the Royal Navy. His stated reason was to allow the British to keep their dignity and show that the German regime was honorable! This is lunacy.

It made absolutely no sense to allow enemy forces to escape so they could fight on - at a time when he planned another front in the east and drastically reduced the chances of Germany winning.

As a direct result of allowing the flotilla of ships to leave from Dunkirk, the fate of Europe was sealed. The internationalists got their wish, and what should have been a quick war was dragged on for a further five years, leaving Europe financially in ruins, with many of her finest men and women dead or psychologically broken.

The aftermath was not only the destruction of free Europe and the enslavement of her people to international bureaucratic materialism (openly in the USSR, more subtly in the area which was to become the EU), the war was also used to justify the establishment of a materialist state in Palestine which would serve as the center of operations of the internationalist elite, behind the lie of it being a homeland for persecuted Jews.

The flotilla of ships in the Mediterranean attempting to bring much needed supplies to the people of terrorized occupied Gaza is a direct consequence of the flotilla of ships which left Dunkirk seventy years ago in order for the Zionist plan to destroy Europe and create Israel to succeed.

Hitler, acting in a way which the MOSSAD would envy, deceived the people of Europe with his claim to moral superiority to justify allowing the Franco-British Zionist army to escape. The only purpose of this was to prolong the war and ensure the establishment of a supremacist Rabbinical abomination which negates true Judaism and persecutes the Arab people whose land it occupies.

The two flotillas of the end of May 1940 and 2010 follow one another in logical sequence. It is a great irony that many in the Arab world look to Hitler as an enemy of Zionism.

He was the best asset Zionism ever had - without his loyalty to the cause and treachery to Europe, their goal for a single global authority would have not have advanced so rapidly.

Had Hitler been genuinely fighting for Europe, the Talmudic Defence Force, known as the British Expeditionary Force, would have been captured and the soldiers released from servitude to Zion and brought back into the European fold.

Without the flotilla from Dunkirk, the Sabatteans would have lost and Gaza would still be a safe and happy home for the indigenous Arab population, without the constant fear of Zionist brutality.

Hitler has a lot to answer for.

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Liberty yesterday and civilians today.

The Jew world ordure.